In his 2013 A/W collection “Homies”, Xander Zhou brings street wear to the catwalk. Inspired by the feigned nonchalance of back alley boys who seem averse to highbrow fashion, Xander Zhou has amplified elements from street wear that undoubtedly aim to impress the beholder. The result is a collection for self-confident boys who feel comfortable in the street as well as in the spotlight, and in general are not afraid to get dirty.

The naughtiness of these modern, well-dressed boys is also reflected in the catchphrases that are displayed on garments and accessories. “Boys will be boys” sums it up pretty nicely, as it does not only serve as an excuse for boyish mischief, but is at the same time a promise of more mischief to come. Their attitude is what sets these boys apart.

The collection features garments that are reminiscent of sportswear and military jackets but which are reshaped drastically, making it a modern wardrobe for a stylish man. Xander Zhou’s fascination for deconstructed silhouettes is expressed in the exaggeratedly long and short garments. In his quest for the right balance between form and function, Xander Zhou boldly crosses traditional gender boundaries that should not bother any self-confident boy.

The faux chic looks are completed by footwear that reflects the style of sneakers from the 80s, as well as mischievous sunglasses and playful jewellery.

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