For the next spring/summer season, Woolrich John Rich & Bros. is inspired by the concept and the origins of modern outdoor aesthetics with innovative research related to the use of materials, defining  the collection in two main areas: “Stone Masters” and “The New Journalists.”

Stone Masters Follows Outdoor Trends Created By “Climbers” From The Late 60s To The Early 80s. This Movement, Which Began With Handmade Clothing And Diy, Represents The Origin Of The Most Famous Outdoor Brands.

The New Journalist is inspired by the professional life of pioneers journalists and writers, such as Hunter Thompson, Tom Wolfe, Joan Didion and Oriana Fallaci who in the late ’60s, were responsible for reporting of war by creating a new way of doing journalism. This new style was also expressed through a new way of dressing, which stemmed from professional needs that mixed military styles with pieces of traditional local clothing from which they correspond.

Photos & text Copyright Woolrich.

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