Emily Brontë (1818-1848) was a British writer best remembered for her only novel, Wuthering Heights, which she published under the male pen name, Ellis Bell.

Named after a mansion on the Yorkshire moors where the story unfolds, Wuthering Heights has become an English classic about the passionate, unresolved love between two individuals that extends through life and beyond the grave.

It was against this backdrop that the Argentine label, Wanama, unfolded the passion between two new lines at the recent Buenos Aires Fashion Week (BAFWEEK): Wanama Lifestyle and Wanama Double You.


British-inspired Wanama Lifestyle featured sleek sophisticated silhouettes with tight semi-Oxford pants, tailored shirts, and embroidered accessories.
Wanama Double You fused the look of military guards with the traditional garb of the Navajo Indians, Cheyenne moccasins, and Texan leather handbags.

Photo a/w collection Copyright by Wanama.

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