Via Uomo is an American men’s dress shirt brand which is strongly influenced and inspired by European style, with an American flair. It is the fastest growing men’s shirt fashion company due to the unique styles and fabrics that they offer. Though established and based in Miami, Florida, their presence has spread to areas as diverse as New York, the Caribbean, Canada, Australia, Germany and more. Via Uomo makes use of the trendiest color combinations, as well as the highest quality fabrics, standing this brand apart from all others.

Their shirts are not made of ordinary cotton; Via Uomo’s designers make all of their own fabrics by blending sateen and silk, made in Europe, for an extremely soft and luxurious feel not found in regular shirts. With so much attention to detail, Via Uomo sets themselves apart from the typical men’s shirt industry. Those who know high fashion and quality will be able to tell the amazing difference between a Via Uomo shirt and a normal button down.

The fabric used for the shirts is not the only thing unique about this fast growing brand. The designs located on the inside of the collar and cuffs contradict the pattern of the shirts, in a complementary way. For example, you can have a bright, solid colored shirt with a multicolored checkered pattern on the inside of the collar and cuffs to add some dimension to your style. You can even have a shirt with two different colors on either side of the shirt, with the opposite color on each cuff. If you really want to try something new, try one of their plaid shirts with floral prints hidden in the collar and cuffs. No matter the style, you cannot go wrong with Via Uomo.

The rarity of Via Uomo’s style does not stop with its fabric choices and trendy patterns. Unlike typical companies, they do not work by season. The company changes its designs and selection every six to eight weeks, allowing you to change up your style as many times as you like. So who is this brand for? The man who wants to stand out! All of Via Uomo’s shirts come in a variety of styles, including polo, long sleeve, and short sleeve. They use mixtures of color, blacks, and whites. It is very easy to dress them up for a nice dinner, or fold up the sleeves for a casual look at the beach. The next time you are in the mood for something extremely different and of the highest quality and fit, visit Via Uomo’s website and choose what matches your stand out style best.

by Rachel Tallis.

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