Urban Alpha is a new men’s clothing retailer
from the UK, with some big dreams on how to make shopping online a better
experience. The idea for Urban Alpha came about when looking for some underwear
as a Christmas present, and from there it evolved into a vision of an online
destination where the best products were combined with insightful and
informative fashion content, guides and articles.

They are a young business, so they’re starting
with men’s underwear and slowly building our product range and brand portfolio
before moving out into men’s clothing.  As
a part of this, they have just added a range of Puma men’s underwear to the site!
Puma have successfully mixed the worlds of sport and lifestyle to create a
range of styles that will add a bit more variety to your underwear drawer.

2012 marks the beginning of Puma Underwear’s
‘Wash When Dirty’ campaign, which aims to put a positive spin on even the most
mundane activities by making dirty laundry more exciting. The high quality
materials and upbeat designs are getting a lot of attention, and we are
extremely excited to have their range at Urban Alpha – which complements our
other brands that include Calvin Klein, Jack & Jones and Diesel. 

Click here to go to Urban Alpha.

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