“It’s all about utility”




Tween A/W 2011-2012 collection explores man’s irresponsible need for discovery. Inspired by the discoveries that have shaped the modern world, new collection offers a dynamic and innovative aesthetic for the modern man who loves to travel.




“Prepared to go anywhere, equipped to be confident”, the collection is made up of pieces that appeal to the free spirit. Multipurpose garments are created with an innate elegance, with highlight pieces including reversible functional coats that can also be used as bags. Woolen jackets are coated and washed and sit alongside leather, denim and the range of fine gage and chunky knitwear.




Mackinaw coats, relaxed suiting and patterned knitwear are offered in saturated hues of mustard, maroon, blue, brown, green, grey and navy.




Video Art


In line with the new collection’s modern and freedom loving spirit, Tween has collaborated with a selection experimental young video artists to offer their interpretation of the individual pieces in the collection. These videos underline the key concepts of the collection: courage, freedom, running away, movement and discovery.




Photos & text Copyright Tween.

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