Tribe Underwear was launched in July 2008 as a 100% made-in-Australia label, which has recently expanded into Tribe Swimwear as well! Being a master’s swimmer, I am always excited to see a new brand of swimwear on the market!

As evidenced by the picture, Tribe is all about funky, sexy fun! The fabric breathes while the cuts leave you panting.
Tribe underwear is designed to entice with sublime prints and exotic names like Zulu and Aqua Jungle.


Tribe swimwear carries all the inspiration of the Hawaiian islands, as well as tropical sunsets and showy hibiscus.


Although sophisticated in style, Tribe can arouse the deepest, most tribal instincts—not only in the wearer but also in those who surround you.
You may not be planning to hit the Australian beaches this summer, but you can go tribal—with Tribe: 100% Australian Underwear and Swimwear. Looking for retailers now!
I’m starting to feel the beat!
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