SeasonalThemes | Womens Mens Apparel Textiles: Take a look at the Fall 13/14 TrendGalleries Fashion Snoops presented at the latest edition, August 2012, of theSourcing at MAGIC shows in Las Vegas. From elaborate detailing and luxe fabricsof Renaissance to the high-shine and sleek textures of Futurist. A specialreport for WeConnectFashion members, courtesy of Fashion Snoops, where the full report is available tosubscribers.

TopTrends & Fabrics Fall / Winter 2013-14
Mysterious and moody, Dark Romance dilutes tough elements likeleather and hardware with wispy, flowing fabrics and touches of color. Velvetsand lace are an aphrodisiac, while we glamorize Gothic with religious symbolismseen in prints and embroidery.


Sportsweardevelops further into a more forward thinking arena, where futuristic fabricsand prints are minimalist in detailing but exaggerated in silhouette. Necklinesare high and materials are coated in a variety of metallic finishes, making thefuture bright.
TheRenaissance was a celebration of creativity and wealth with elaborate fashionsto match. It seems we are once again lusting after similar corseted forms andopulence. The prints are rich, the embellishments richer, yet a femininepalette and flowing fabrics bring a soft and more romantic element.
Weventure out into nature wearing earthy colors, plaids and tartans to stay cozy.Modern silhouettes and mixtures of fabric choices are a breath of fresh air tothis traditional trend—a perfectly tailored blend of Downton Abbey meets the ScottishHighlands.
An in-depth analysis of design themes for Ladies, Men, and Children for FallWinter 2013-14 and seasons prior is available at Fashion Snoops for subscribers only.

style=”font-family: “Arial”,”sans-serif”; font-size: 11.5pt;”>Reports on other trend areas like color, design themes, key items, details, etcare also available on the site for women’s as well as for men, kids andaccessories.

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