For spring 2010, Tween has geared up an energized collection of multicultural blending based on the pop icons and social movements of the 60’s and 70’s, which have impacted youth cultures around the world for generations.

The collection entitled Modern Masculinity narrates an emotion-felt story of generation gaps, defiance to peers, and disobedience to parents—all ending in reconciliation through an exchange of a garment!

Hence, Modern Masculinity embodies the spirit of teenage rebellion as portrayed in the 1955 film Rebel without a Cause, in which the introspective actor, James Dean, was star. Confident in his poses, often leaning against an object, the renegade yet slightly preppy Dean revisits us in a slim silhouette of classic, timeless coolness.

The attitude of Modern Masculinity is set in the “Swinging Sixties” with all the geometric shapes of the London mod look. Eccentric details like playful borders, unique collars, and Dandyish bowties charge the collection with a jolt of energy.

A palette of neutral and bright colors is balanced to create seasonal basics with colorful directional core items. Tones of sand, stone, and sky have been chosen to match a wide variety of skin complexions. Vibrant colors like bright yellow add a high voltage to the collection!

The key items of Modern Masculinity consist of jackets and shirts, which are colored, patterned, and informal. Also present this season is a selection of fine leathers and dyed knits, as well as piece-dyed denims.

Tween—challenging the staid rules of modern masculinity within the young generation’s new found affluence!

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