Patrick Wolf was born Patrick Denis Apps into an artistic family of South London in 1983.

After studying violin and singing in church choirs until the age of eleven, Patrick began recording his own songs, soon going on to join the pop art collective Minty and, shortly after, Maison Crimineaux.

After eight years of recording, Wolf released his first album entitled Lycanthropy in 2003.

Using a wide variety of electronic and classical instruments, Wolf composes musical pieces that range from techno-pop to romantic folk.

Patrick Wolf has exerted a tremendous impact on multitudes around the world, including Catalan designer Georgina Vendrell, whom I covered in an article earlier this year.

For 2010, Georgina has based her spring/summer collection on Patrick Wolf, entitling the collection “the Reddish Boy.”

In a similar fashion to the eclectic music of Patrick Wolf, Georgina combines a variety of classic and avant-garde fabrics and styles, composing pieces that range from techno-pop to romantic folk!

Photo & slideshow 2010 s/s collection “the Reddish Boy” Copyright Georgina Vendrell.

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