Dutch denim store Tenue de Nîmes and Japan’s oldest jeans brand Big John have teamed up for a special, because custom made, pair of work chino’s in a natural vintage selvage denim.

Tenue de Nîmes created a contemporary interpretation of a traditional work
chino, especially for this collaboration, with a 21st century ‘Italian’ fit.

The denim experts translated the design of the tapered pants into a Japanese denim version and specially selected a washed denim fabric based on the
characteristic ‘Ruri’ material.

The vintage naturally faded look was created by the “Big Washing 365″ technique, a treatment inspired by a pair of light blue ‘Ruri’ denim that was worn for 365 days straight.

In the 1960s Big John introduced their first pre-washed jeans in Japan, in order
to satisfy the growing demand of their discerning customers.

These people were accustomed to the soft fabrics of the imported second-hand jeans from the U.S. The vintage look created by the “Big Washing 365″ is Big John’s contemporary approach to pre-washing.

The dual-logo patch is made from a heavy weight navy blue leather with the Tenue de Nîmes and Big John logo embossed.

All the jeans have the Tenue de Nîmes top-button that refers to a 1st century BC
Roman Empire coin from the French city of Nîmes. The jeans are limited to 24 pairs and were all made in Japan.

Photos & text Copyright Tenue de Nîmes.

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