Since the ban on the polyurethane and neoprene   swim suits that came into effect on January
1, 2010, I have been wondering what would happen, not only to the 43 records
that were set, but also the future of competition swim suits.

Two days ago, I read an article in the London Evening
Standard about a new breakthrough in swimwear, which was engineered by Tom
Waller of Speedo’s Aqualab in Nottingham.

Based on the aerodynamics of the F1 car, the Fatskin3 was
designed by cutting edge software that employs computation fluid dynamics.

Computational fluid dynamics is just a big word that
explains the way air or water flows over a solid object.

Available since January 1st of this year, the
Fatskin3 is going to revolutionize the swimming events int eh 2012 Olympics.

It is exciting when fashion, design, and sportswear merge
together and are shaped by science.  I
just wonder how comfortable these suits will be!

Photo Copyright Speedo.

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