Superdry may look like the hottest street wear brand in Japan, but don’t’ let the writing fool you! 

Superdry was established in 2003 by James Holder, who hurled the label into one of the fastest growing in the UK.

Now with a strong international presence, Superdry rides on the popularity of men and women around the world for its eye-catching designs that are inspired by Japanese and American pop culture.

Besides super t-shirts, Superdry offers a wide assortment of items, ranging from jeans and chinos to polo’s ad knits.

Accessories include belts, watches, bags, hats, underwear, and more!

A definite must to check out are the leather jackets, which come in basic bombers, crashed biker, and rodeo styles.

Who has worn Superdry?  Well, David Beck for one!  But why wait for celebrities, when you can be one yourself!

Superdry—the super brand for super guys like you!

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