I just received the following press release from the Swedish design label, Filippa K, “whose distinctive designs stand for style, simplicity, and quality—intelligent fashion that combines timeless design with modern fashion sensibilities:

The inspiration for the Fall/Winter 2010 collection comes from several different sources, creating a subtle eclectic vibe.


For Filippa K, contrasts have always added a dynamic twist to the clean designs and this season we have decided to explore this area even more. Contrasts between dressed and casual, polished and rough, hard, and soft.


This season sees a return of the Worker, inspired by the functionality and rugged masculinity of classic American work wear. Checked flannel shirts, chunky button sweaters, raw denims and tan colored laced boots sum up some of the key pieces.


In contrast there is the Author, inspired by the lived in, slightly bohemian look of moody literary types. Here the contrasts between tailored styles, with a faded and worn appeal, and softer knitted cardis and sloppy sweaters create an interesting dynamic.


Then there is the Modern Gentleman, inspired by the traditional and timeless Englishman with a flair for style. The tuxedo suit, sharp tailored wool coat and classic striped shirts are some of the staples in his wardrobe.


All of these styles and garments can be worn very classically or completely mixed up to create a new energetic look that has a hint of rebellion. Checked shirt under a tuxedo suit jacket with chinos and laced boots or mohair sweater under a tweed suit jacket with classic slacks and sneakers…the idea is to encourage personal combinations and to dare to mix.


Colors are shades of blue, from bright indigo to deep navy with variations of loden green and classic greys. Warm purple and red on knits and accessories add a twist of energy and fun.”
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