Women’s, Men’s Textile & Color Spring/Summer 2013 Trends: Lenzing

 Seasonal Direction | Textile and Color | Women’s, Men’s: High Class Kitsch, Subversive, Ovetone, Distinction, Ornate and Cleansed capture the mood of S/S 2013 “Democratization.” Fermentation is going on in the crossover between different skills and capacities, in labs and workshops. Designers, scientists and many more are throwing lots of ideas in the melting pot. . . How to reduce the environmental footprint is fundamental and initiator for the current discussion in trends. Presented on WeConnectFashion, courtesy of Lenzing, a textile fiber company committed to the principles of sustainable management with very high environmental standards.High Class

Radical, creative gesture…grace, glamour and shock.  A fancy flamboyant flourish makes fashion fun.High Class Kitsche

Fancy and plain ribbons are inserted in leno weaves and other open-work textile interlace…extravagance.  Just a hint of opaque and semi-opaque shades.Distinction
A new visual order, reflections on prestige and composition.Distinction
A touch of slight embossing gives a dark toned silhouette to wove micro patterns/matelassé, birds-eye basket-weave, hounds-tooth to rediscover the beauty of traditional weaves.  Lace-like techniques are enhanced and redesigned.Overtone

The strength of light, a blending sense of moment overlap dark and light, creating a breezy fluidity.Overtone
Overlapping multi-layered color language.  Super-lightweight and transparent fabrics, manipulating and interacting, creating new tones and the color of shadow.  Delicacy, fluidity, luminosity.Subversive
21-st century avant-garde, a new rebellious renaissance, super-hybrid art movements communicate a diverse message…with a punch of color.Subversive
Neps, slubs…create a tactile surface, interrelating with the ‘must-be’ vivid color and the texture of the cloth… no flat appearance.  3D print on textured surface.  Outstanding performance finishing and changeability, with the intention of the material’s use, are central.Ornate
Weaving experiential mixtures, sumptuous lush, decoration adorned with an excessive artistic quality.Ornate
Hybrids of…plum and apricot…ethnicity and exotic…knit and weave…synthetic and natural fibers.Cleansed
High summer sports performance.  Soft cotton hand-feel is achieved through barely textured yarns.  High definition photographic print and clean, geometric magnified structures make the decoration.
Textured backside provides dynamic volumes and extra comfort.  Circular knit and interweave merged in double fabrics through construction or bonding.
The boundaries between fake and genuine are dissolving skin-like feeling.  UV-protection is a must quick dry; climate comfort, breath-ability and moisture management are important properties–water
repellent, wind and waterproof.
Stretch for movement, freedom and extreme light-weight…from 20 g/m…for comfort.  Fashion demands performance features.
Photos & text Copyright WeConnectFashion, used by Permission.
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