People always ask me, “When you go to fashion weeks, what do you wear?”

Well, anything I want since I’m not the one that everybody is looking at on the runway!

But I do like to look nice, so for this season at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, I wore my spats! “What are spats,” you ask?

Several weeks ago, I was shopping in Chelsea at one of my favorite stores called Mardana, where I saw a pair of handmade Cydwoq shoes in the window.

What I loved about the shoes was the spats look!

Spats is the abbreviated form of the word spatterdashes, which became popular in the late 1800’s and fell out of use in the 1920’s—for civilians, that is.

Soldiers also wore spats, and in some cultures spats appear in uniforms as with Indian and Pakistani armies, as well as the Swedish, Finnish, and Egyptian.

The term goes back to the 1700’s for the long leggings that protected stockings and trousers from spattering of mud while on horseback.

Well, I have gone retro…really retro!

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