After graduating the world famous The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp in 2009, Hong Kong born designer Six Lee moved to London for collaboration at the Alexander McQueen menswear team. The traditional British tailoring -translated in clean cuts and sharp lines – combined with soft colors and dreamy, boyish details result in unique silhouettes.

As well as a new fresh level with modern twists and new proportions, to make a statement on traditional tailoring. As an overly romantic person, Six Lee gets inspired by the most diverse genres of music and films. The emotion he puts into writing poems or pressing flowers, will be found in every single piece from his hands. Carrying a touch of his love -never ever disappointing.

We’re all together, looking at the world in color.

We live between two worlds

We soar in the atmosphere

We creep upon the soil

We have the aspirations of creatures and the propensities of quadrupeds

Winwood read British historian, explorer and philosopher

Through the story of previous winter season, a doomsday began and ended; the end of the world approached and accomplished its last will. Men packed their bags, put on their heaviest coats and left with their most important belongings: their heart and a flower for their beloved ones at the other side. The first day of a new history commences; the phoenix spreads his wings and vanishes within the air.

We and our dearests are starting all over again in a new world, overly romantic, filled with the brightest colors, yet classical – like it all could have been before – and futuristic at the same time. We see heaven in a grain of sand. There are wind-blown gardenias, dragonflies, beetles and birds, and always the presence of the human body and its dazzling beauty. However, natural science, getting to know the human body and the nature surrounding it becomes the main priority. It is are union and a new beginning with the one we love, even though there is nothing left but nature. We still know the stories and images from ancient times but we have no choice but to
look forward, right into the future.

The first anatomy drawings of the human body and the taxonomy of plants and exotic animals painted by Argentinean artist Juan Gatti serve as the main inspirations for this collection. The vintage color shades of pale blue, green and pink define the color pallet and prints. This colorful touch gets soothed by the ever presence of grey and blends into a romantic silhouette of transparency and mist with futuristic clean cuts, breathing the spirit the new world, only looking forwards the future.

A focal interest on 1920s fine tailoring of the English aristocracy gets combined with the rich layering and transparence of Ancient Egyptian and Greek costumes. All silhouettes have the sharpness of a British schoolboy uniform tailoring, with short trousers that preserve their reserved elegance. The collection also presents a series of very light summer coats. Using thin wool and cotton organdy fabrics, each item has a certain transparency to create a light but yet solid colorful silhouette with a lot of layering.

Spring/summer 2013 will be about tailoring tradition with a futuristic twist. The typical Six Lee characteristics: elegantly tailored silhouettes in rich materials. The exotic quest is translated in its colors and prints. The result is a journey into a new world of nature’s rarest species and the memory of ancient kingdoms.

Photos & text Copyright Six Lee.

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