“We ‘re All Chasing For The Silver Lining”

The new world became a bridge between the past and future. People are getting more obsessive with their past and on the other hand looking forward to the future. Inspired by the dimensions of lights, the lighting prints served as the main inspiration for SIXLEE FW 2013 menswear collection. Different shades of blue represent different points in time along the spectrum, moving back and forth between the past and the future. Trying to look through all the experience and fragments of memory collected from the past to step out from what it represents and be a better self.

A focal interest on 19th century fine tailoring of the English aristocracy gets combined with the Popes, Detective and Priest costumes to presents the classic tailoring tradition with a futuristic twist. With a series of scarf and accessories made by wool and knit, it further outstand the dramatically lean silhouettes. Showcased with the sharpness of the British tailoring and strong layering, reveals the classic elegance.

Six Lee FW 2013 menswear collection exemplifies the brand’s typical characteristics: Elegantly tailored silhouettes in rich materials, indulge oneself in the journey to travel own past and future through light.

“When there’s an old favorite melody, Our mind goes back to the past memory.”

About Six Lee
Six Lee, founder and chief designer for the brand “SixLee”. Being as the 1st Chinese graduated in one of the most well-known fashion design school, The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, Belgium in 2009. After graduated, Six moved to London for a collaboration at Alexander McQueen menswear team.

By 2011, Six set up his own brand and as an Antwerp-based menswear-fashion designer. Six Lee’s collection presented with the traditional British tailoring-translated in clean cuts and sharp lines combined with soft colors, dreamy & boyish details result in unique silhouettes.

As well as a new fresh level with modern twists and new proportions, to make a statement on traditional tailoring. As an overly romantic person, Six gets inspired by the most diverse genres of music and films. The emotion he puts into writing poems or pressing flowers, will be found in every single piece from his hands. Carrying a touch of his love-never ever disappointing.

“When a flower’s petal falls to the ground,
It will never return for time is bound.
To follow the path with one direction,
Like one-lane road, to prevent collision
Of memories from the past and the future.
Yet all know that tomorrow is unsure;
Therefore no dream can ever come today.
Life moves, as in geometry, in a ray.
Almost everything is termed in science.”  -By Sherwin Balbuena

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