At London Fashion Week, Rozalb de Mura presented his a/w 2009 collection, which is entitled “Powder Cadillac 1B-2140 & Desert Twilight 6A-3410.”

At first glance, the name may strike you as a bit odd sounding, but as blogger Bobble Bee points out, they are merely two codes from the Pantone color palette. Good work there, Bobble Bee!

But why these two colors?!

Rozalb de Mura based his collection on “the colors of the future” predicted in the imaginary research of Swiss psychotherapist, Max Lüscher, who in reality developed the Lüscher color test.

The Lüscher-Color-Diagnostic measures an individual’s psychological state according to his or her color preferences and, through the use of 5015 definitions, reveals 23 different personality traits. Here are a few examples:

Blue: Contentment
Feeling of belonging, the inner connection, and the relationship to one’s partner.

Green: Self-respect
Inner control of willpower and the capacity to enjoy.

Red: Self-confidence
Activity, drive, and the reaction to challenges.

Yellow: Development
Attitude of anticipation, attitude towards future development, and towards new encounters.

Now, what do Powder Cadillac and Desert Twilight say about your personality? Sit back, click on the slide show, and take the test!

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