Wittily naming his label after the fictional baron Rozalb de Mura, designer Oláh Gyárfás craftily laces his s/s 2009 collection with the imaginary world of WoWWorld of Warcraft—a “massively multiplayer online role-playing game” (MMORPG) released by Blizzard Entertainment, which now boasts 11.5 million monthly subscribers and holds the Guinness World Record for the most popular MMORRG!

Oláh Gyárfás has definitely placed himself in the arena of winners!

Entitled “the Drums of War Will Thunder Once Again,” the s/s 2009 Rozalb de Mura collection unfolds a distant planetary saga, of which the baron writes:

“Rain of fire poured down again in the frosty North. The Darkness Knights viciously broke the pact of the Fourth War. The Horde united in ferocious vengeance attacks. Alas, the blessing of our peace sanctuary might soon evaporate. Winds of change blow on our lands. The spirit of Ghost Wolf thus spoke: take sides or otherwise perish in the might of the burning embrace.

But the Great Assembly announced: let us not paint our faces in the colours of their war. Any alliance will throw upon our peaceful people the curse of agony and extinction. The undead shield still protects us for one hundred years. Our tribe must remain free, unbounded by ties of loyalty or dominion. Wise like Amarog, fierce like Ithagai.”

In the remote and turbulent past, nations have ardently craved and fiercely fought for freedom as they embellished their warriors with insignias of bravery.

Oláh Gyárfás draws on his inspiration from the Hungarian word vitezkotes, translated as ‘the string of the brave’, which was an embroidered black string on the traditional Hungarian male garb, now permeating the s/s 2009 collection—the Drums of War Will Thunder Once Again.

Slide show s/s 2009 collection, Copyright Rozalb de Mura.
Photo top right baron Rozalb de Mura & Oláh Gyárfás, Copyrighy by Rozalb de Mura.

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