In 2003, Raphael Hauber founded his epynous label, which is currently based in Eppelheim, southwest Germany.

For autumn/winter 2010, Raphael Hauber has prepared for us a collection of “Roomers,” which drew inspiration from people who have a temporary and mobile habitation style.

The collection concentrates on the carpet as the means of marking out territorial space, highlighting furniture and giving structure to rooms.

Photos of colored rag rugs and abstract prints of black and white rag rugs in piles appear on garments. Shapes and printed details are marked out with blank spaces of square and oval carpets.

The collection offers a complete wardrobe for roomers, consisting of everyday pieces like colored jeans, t-shirts, and bombers, as well as the more elegant items of suit jackets, pleated slacks, and wide coats.

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Photo and slideshow copyright Raphael Hauber.
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