As the sun shines a ray of light through the Dutch clouds, the summer breeze gently blows through the cloth of his jacket on a stroll down Haarlemerdijk. Rich Medina has a ton of love for Amsterdam, and Amsterdam has loved him back, since his first visit back in 1997.

Amsterdam menswear brand OntFront is honored to present the first in a series of unique seasonal photo projects with Philadelphia Renaissance man Rich Medina. It goes without saying that both OntFront and Medina have a deep love for menswear and fine craftsmanship, as evidenced in their respective styles and career choices.

Medina, a quintessential maverick in the entertainment business for quite a long time, has always functioned as an independent, self-made man. OntFront, despite their relatively recent foray into the world of retail, shares some of the very same viewpoints on individuality and style as loyal customers like Rich Medina, which is precisely where this project was born.

This project represents a meeting point between generations, across genres, and centered on the thinking man’s attention to detail. With these images, OntFront strives to show off their authentic street savvy style to a broader audience, with Mr. Medina providing the physical canvas and the streets of Amsterdam serving as the platform.

Photos Copyright OntFront.

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