I just received one of the most touching press releases ever; it is from Rene Gurskov:

The lucky collection spring/summer 2013 dedicated to that special moment described in the Donna Summer classic Lucky:

Lucky comes easy

Lucky’s not shy

And if you’re lucky

You’ll go for a ride, for a ride

Some people tell me it’s about a one night stand!

Anyway sometimes there are moments where you get lucky – you meet the right boy/girl – the clothes are right and the music is high and above it all there is the disco ball rotating!

For spring/summer 2013 we want to dress guys – both the cool and the cute – for that night.

He is wearing red lace/latex tracksuits or metal glitzy disco sweats with floral short shorts.

Another night draped lace on a sailor’s tee-shirt with army boxers with half a skirt.

Some might call it feminine – I call it modern.

Get lucky tonight – catch that moment.

Donna Summer (1948-2012) in loving memory.

Photos by: Kasper Harup-Hansen

Model: Rene Daniel

Photos & text Copyright Rene Gurskov.

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