Founded in 2007 by no nonsense Dutch designer Kim Bakker, NōN by KIM demonstrated at last week’s Amsterdam International Fashion Week how spring/summer 2010 collections are taking men back to nature.

Entitled Inventorum Natura, the NōN by KIM collection journeys the fashion-forward man deep into the world of flesh-eating plants with pod-shaped bodies that lure insects to a catalytic death.

Commonly known as Venus Flytraps, these small rosettes capture their prey through a reaction triggered by touching the tiny hairs that line the inner concave lobes. The trapped insect is then digested through chemical reaction.

Although inspired by nature themes, Kim deviates from the expected norm by excluding any overt prints or patterns from nature.

Where Kim does adhere to the trends of 2010, however, can be seen in a grey palette with whites and rich pastels; laboratory-like coats; wide, flowing, low-cut necks; high-water pants; elongated silhouettes with long shirts and belted waists; mesh and leggings; voluminous flowing materials; nomadic hoods; and an androgynous flair.

Photo NōN by KIM 2010 s/s collection Copyright Peter Stigter.
Slideshow NōN by KIM 2010 s/s collection Copyright Peter Stigter.

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