The 2010 spring/summer collection of Swedish label Nudie Jeans draws inspiration from a deep feeling—Swedish Melancholy—expressed by the photographer Sune Jonsson in his photos, which embody loneliness and the simple, poor life of rural Sweden during the 50’s and 60’s.

Those were the days when workers and farmers dressed daily in jeans, shirts, and overalls. Dressing up was reserved only for Sundays.

Some of you fellows are just going to love the dry indigo colored denim of this line: for best results, you should wear them for 6 months before washing them! Think about it, guys, no laundry for 6 months!

Then, when you do wash them, at 40-60 Celsius, you will have fades in the natural creases according to your body’s contours! Moreover, the hot temperature will shrink all the stretched out inches from wearing them, right back to the original fit!

Nudie Jeans are fully made in Italy, including sewing, washing, and other treatments—some of which contain 20 stages!

To Nudie Jeans, “jeans are more than just a piece of clothing. A pair of jeans is like a second skin—naked and personal.”

Photo & slideshow 2010 spring/summer collection, Copyright Nudie Jeans.
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