Nico Didonna stylishly innovates an autumn/winter 2012/13 collection full of
stimulating and dynamic pieces. Designed to empower the wearer with use of
projecting structures, it is inspired by the overwhelming physical and symbolic
beauty of awe-inspiring bridges built around the world.

The collection stays true to the modern and luxurious semblance that is core to
Nico’s Label that he launched in 2004. Pushing innovation and craftsmanship to
the limits, it is contemporary, refined and brilliantly tailored. 

Arraying from the series of arcs that make up the Kentai Bridge in Japan, to the winding bridge of San Diego and the tilting bows of the gates head Millennium, Nico
applies the forms of these striking structures to create impressively statuesque

This modern and sophisticated set comprises of innovatively cut separates such as
asymmetric dresses featuring draped shoulders that imitate the shape of an arch; pleated trousers and cleverly cut jackets that are edgy and unexpected. Each piece is carefully constructed using curved and linear contours to define and accentuate the curvature of the silhouette. 

A textural mix of luxurious fabrics such as silk, alpaca wool and jersey are used, subtly depicting the sense of tranquility found in the blurry reflections of bridges over water against the rigidity of the actual construction. Where hues of autumnal reds are highlighted with luminescent glowing oranges to emulate the beauty of sunset’s gleaming rays beaming through archways stark grays and blacks are used in contrast, drawn from the concrete of the structures creating a jarring yet alluring juxtaposition. 

As a bridge physically provides the connection and transition between two different places, Nico’s collection interprets this to metaphorically symbolize the transition between the seasons, embracing and illuminating the change and rebirth that autumn and winter initiates. An exquisite collection that showcases the brands avant-garde aesthetic and its devotion to detailed tailoring, versatility and elegance. 

Photos & text Copyright Nico Didonna.

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