I love the designs of Nico Didonna, and his inspiration for spring/summer 2012 strikes a cord in my heart.

I used to go to Puglia for agriturismo; that is, to eat a great meal in the countryside. The food and wine was fantastic! The people too were great!

Well, for spring/summer 2012, Nico takes us to Puglia, the heel of Italy’s boot where you can find great olives and olive oil, and–yes–Primitivo wine!

Didonna embraces SS12 with an eye cast backwards to his roots of southern
Italy. He draws upon his uplifting experiences and filters a nostalgic view of
the untouched rustic beauty of Puglia into a head turning, cutting edge

to this place of inspiration, the collection has an instantaneous visual impact
seducing onlookers with rich colors, nature inspired prints and organic
linearity. But at a longer glance, intricate details and deceptively complex
construction can be appreciated for how they are manipulated to become the
multi-functional garments so identifiable to Nico’s handwriting.

amalgamates his honed craft of complex signature tailoring with a salute to
Puglia’s visual splendor to create truly unique additions to his already
unparalleled brand. Inspired also by the force of the working arms of Puglia,
namely the craftsmen who relentlessly work its earth sustaining its character
and charm; Nico captures this by using fabrics and colors in contrast, representative
of the natural beauty and the living labor amongst it. Grays and weathered
whites inspired from the very imperfections of the stone walls that border the
lush fields are contrasted with the heated reds, browns and ochres of the earth
and sun, intense blues of the sea and sky and olive of the grape vines. 

form of the amphora becomes the archetype reference for the women’s garments,
with each acquiring new life, form and function with the use of unusual shapes
and unconventionally placed fastenings rendering the garments fluid. This
enables them to transform and drape around individual wearers to complement
their figure and persona. The linear and geometric emphasis is loaned from the
aesthetic of the cultivated fields of the region creating sleek, sexy
silhouettes, with use of light silks, chiffons, crepes and georgettes
accentuated with lace appliqué. Light cottons, silks and cool wool linen for
the men’s garments emphasize Nico’s consideration of quality and sleek Italian

emotive and sensuous collection bonds the essence of versatility and
wearability with innovative sustainable style, a task in itself. The garments
have a deconstruction aesthetic, are often reversible, and are always by
definition of the Nico Didonna ethos—intelligently malleable, thus giving
creative freedom to the wearer who remains, after all, his underpinning muse.”

& text Copyright Nico Didonna.

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