Mr Maroosh introduces a new line of unique and natural shaving products that bring the barbershop experience to your home, turning every shave into an undisturbed moment of revitalization. The label aims to be the guest that you invite into your daily routine.

Mr Maroosh | The Brand

In a world where the shaving experience is stripped bare and only the mechanical act of achieving a clean-shaven face is left, Mr Maroosh chooses to take a stand. The shaving brand aims to inspire men to find a moment for themselves during their morning ritual. For this cause Mr Maroosh created a unique collection of shaving products. So instead of settling for a quick, cheap, uncomfortable shave, men can now opt to indulge in relaxation, joy and reverie.

Come On In | Take A Seat

This season Mr Maroosh offers two shaving creams. The first, Come On In, is inspired by the moment of entering the barbershop. The cream combines a fresh scent representing the dynamic outside world with a warm fragrance that stands for the kind of welcome at Mr Maroosh’s barbershop. The second cream, Take A Seat, is bold and masculine. This cream contains traces of wood and leather and represents the relaxing moment in the barber’s chair. The shaving brush of Mr Maroosh completes the experience.

Mr Maroosh | The Person

Mr Maroosh is a barber extraordinaire. Visiting his barbershop means escaping from the busy life into a tranquil and pleasant sphere. Here, men can indulge a nice close shave and enjoy the company of likeminded men. Thanks to the unique products of Mr Maroosh men can refine their shaving ritual and experience the same luxury in comfort of their own homes.

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