As you know the focus of this e-magazine is onemerging designers and trends around the world; nevertheless, we should neverlose sight of the prominent players—that which we call in Italy “Griffe.”  (Good Grief,What’s a Griffe?)

Since there are plenty of websites that report, playby play, on each runway collection, I would like to give you a summary of theMilan Menswear Fashion Week 2012 and, who—in my opinion—presented the bestcollection.
Carrying over from previous seasons, the image of the19th century Dandy was prominent on the Milan runway, strutting asthe dashing dapper Dan of the 2012 autumn/winter season. 

This image of gentleman mingled with a variety of retro styles across the century, such as the newsboy, the factory worker, the sportsman, the Zoot Suiter, Street Urchins, and the men of Mad Men.

Most collections in Milan were clean cut, practical in look, and functional in style.
Some designers like Roberto Cavalli (top left) and Moschino (top right) displayed more boldness with colors, but other than black and muted earth tones, the most popular color was an electric blue.

Eccentricity was at low tide, except Frankie Morello who embraced a North American native influence, with a
touch of India.

VivienneWestwood did not trail ar behind, mixing styles, prints, and patterns anddeviating slightly more from convention, but less than Morello.


Leathers abound in the collections, while fur a centrepiece with John Richmond (left).  
Feathers and allusions to Central/South American Indians characterized the Etro collection (right).

Versace (below) wins, in my opinion, for innovation in terms of colors, prints, textures, and general styling.

For overall masculine elegance and practical creativity, I give it to Dolce & Gabbana (main photo).
Photos Copyright Frankie Morello, John Richmond, Etro, Versace, Docle & Gabbana, Vivienne Westwood, Moschino, Roberto Cavalli.
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