Milan fashion week for the Spring/Summer 2014 collections was filled with a strand of impressive and extremely inspiring designers. Just as the London fashion week did, Milan fashion week shows several common themes amongst the designers’ collections. The main similarity that several designers incorporated was the use of different patterns, and many used patterns for blazers and suit jackets as well. The most common pattern used throughout the week was stripes.

One designer who used many prints was Andrea Pompilio. The prints used for this collection are vibrant and energetic. Andrea Pompilio chose a variety of colors, such as maroon, orange and green. There are also different types of styles, such as stripes and tribal-like patterns. Another part of this collection is the use of blazers with contrasting colors and patterns. Missoni’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection uses several neutral colors for their many patterns. Some colors that are included are rustic oranges and reds, with toned down shades of blue. Missoni also uses an array of patterns, such as stripes, plaids, and zigzags.

John Richmond’s collection shows several innovative and futuristic patterns. However, he includes stripes, just as many of the other designers do. The color palate used in this Spring/Summer 2014 show is different than that of the other designers. The main colors are orange, gold, gray, and black. Another aspect of this show was the blazers with contrasting patterns. For Gucci’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection, just as Missoni did, they use colors such as rustic orange. Gucci also uses olive green, white, and yellow throughout the looks. The main pattern is a floral pattern, which breaks them apart from the similar striped look several other designers use. Lastly, Neil Barrett’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection includes several more checkered and plaid patterns than the other designers. Some of the designs were composed of black and white patterns which resemble the killer-whale, in a very chic way. Neil Barrett’s collection also makes use of stripes and neutral colors, such as gray, black and white, with some orange thrown in for a pop of color.

It is clear to see that many high end designers seem to be in sync with the hottest trends for the Spring/Summer 2014 season. Definitely go with your more outrageous side and try a patterned look; you never know what will work for you until you try it. Check out the hottest looks from each of the designers mention:

by Rachel Tallis.

Andrea Pompilo Spring/Summer 2014

Andrea Pompilo Spring/Summer 2014

Gucci Spring/Summer 2014

Gucci Spring/Summer 2014

John Richmond Spring/Summer 2014

Missioni Spring/Summer 2014

Neil Barret Spring/Summer 2014

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