Valerio Zurlini’s movie “The First Still Night” (1972) comes alive with the 2010 autumn/winter collection of Messagerie, designed by Patrizio Piscaglia, who revisits his roots back in the Seventies of wintry Rimini.

One of the most famous seaside resorts on the Adriatic Coast of Italy, Rimini is unpretentious and typical of mild winters with rainier days, grayer skis, and a more deserted seaside than in summer.

Home to a 2,000-year-old Roman amphitheatre, bridge, and arch, Rimini has been a hub of seaside life for millenia—and there is still plenty of life in the center!

From loneliness to restlessness, Patrizio bonds with his coastal land through the creation of an emblematic garment. The matted knitted coats in this collection, characterized by so-called “circus cuts,” display some wear but they are mended; they are rough yet refined.

The color palette spans all the shades of grey, brown, army green, black, mud, Siena brown, wine, ad blue. The materials abound in an assortment of wools, cottons, and leathers.

The first still night—la prima notte di quiete—all men will be free!

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Photo & slideshow 2010 autumn/winter collection Copyright by Messagerie.

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