Seasonal Themes | Men’s Clothing: Get the first lookat S/S 2014 trends from Fashion Snoops. Take a glimpse into our top themes ofthe season for menswear – from the active wear and tech sportswear inspiredAthleisure theme, to the 60s kitsch trends emerging in the Pop Art theme, to afresh point of view in the perennial safari influences with Jungle Book, toSeattle Sound alt-rock influences and more. A special report for WeConnectFashion members,courtesy of Fashion Snoops. Now for the first time ever, the fullversion of the below Seasonal Wrap-Ups are available for individual purchase inthe WeConnectFashion Trend Shop. 

Men’s Top Apparel TrendThemes


ATHLEISURE takes a more refined approach for active wear andtechnical sportswear. After a couple seasons of vivid plastics, artificialsurface effects, and synthetics, the trend takes a much more urbane point ofview for S/S 2014. Sporty lightweight layers, luxe reinterpretations ofathletic uniforms, the fusion of natural and man-made materials, and theinclusion of “smarter” textiles for menswear basics make ATHLEISURE atheme that can easily be translated into either the Contemporary or Young Men’smarket.

JUNGLE BOOK finds a fresh point of view in the perennial safari influence thatremains a constant in menswear. With a decidedly ethnic influence, the trendcelebrates bold print and pattern with digital camouflage, animal prints, batikand medallion motifs – all accentuated in a wide range of saturated Earthencolors. After several seasons of neutral-colored uniforms, followed by lastspring’s kaleidoscope approach, the JUNGLE BOOK trend for SS14 fuses the bestinfluences together for a look that’s as much about rugged adventure anddimensional fabrics as it is colorful tribes and a truer appreciation ofglobalism. These are clothes that a modern day Ernest Hemingway would sport ashe explores the world.

POP ARTpaints a picture full of jovial color, clashing patterns, and whimsical designdetails like “thought bubble” embroidery and boldly colored linings.Comic book prints, graphic novel-inspired sketches, and an ironic take onclassic advertising through the years makes this trend all about nostalgicAmericana with a subtle nod to 60s kitsch. Evolving from a strongblack-and-white graphic approach last spring, the POP ART theme for SS 14nicely complements other reinterpretations of classic menswear with vividtailored clothing, splashy outerwear, and a playful salute to artists like AndyWarhol, David Hockney, and Roy Lichtenstein through allover pattern andcolor-blocking.

Over two decades since the Grunge movement affected everything from music to fashion, the multi-layered and gritty influence of Seattle once again finds its way to menswear. SEATTLE SOUND puts a renewed focus on alternative rock culture, but with subtle updates like unexpected pop colors, more urbane styling, and active-inspired design details that make the trend appropriate for a whole new generation. Thrift-store finds like baggy trench coats, grandpa cardigans, marled sweatshirts, and unconstructed blazers provide a cozy contrast to technical elements like flat-quilted surfaces, and contrasting stitching. Originally made famous by the band Nirvana, this relaxed approach at menswear is back for a second act.

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