t’s an adventure through time and a discovery of
new places, you’ll be amazed!

“Where Life Takes You”, is the theme for the new
Meltin’Pot FW ’12 campaign. It’s a celebration of life, a walk on the wild side,
taking its inspiration from the brand’s deepest roots!

The four main characters meet by chance in an old,
bohemian, abandoned site which is inhabited by unusual items from past eras,
suspended in time and ready to recount their historical tales. Alongside them,
sit pieces from the Meltin’Pot collection, garments that appear to have
traveled through time, with their unique force and identities, design forms and
details, giving new life tote spaces around them.

The background setting gives a nostalgic flavor that
brings alive the energy and determination of the young protagonists that
transmit the energy of the brand, as iconic as its jeans—ICONS presents the
heart and soul of the collection: an authentic product, a symbol of “modern
vintage” in a contemporary urban scene.

The focus of the images are centered around the
product, revealing the details of the fits, treatments, washes, key elements
that are highly visible in this contemporary ICONS collection. As the name
expresses, ICONS is born from the mix of tradition and cutting edge technology,
history and freedom, resulting in a collection that is a mix of total
innovative and surprises with comfort being at the helm.

Photos & text Copyright Meltin’Pot.

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