Saint Augustine Academy was birthed within Sydney’s alternative music scene, Indie Rock ‘n’ Roll and all its subcultures, incorporating into the label the hardness of Punk, the sleekness of Mods, the darkness of Goths, and the eccentricities of New Romantics.

Accordingly, the 2009 a/w collection draws its inspiration from an English hymn of 1504 entitled the Corpus Christi Carol, which was reinterpreted by singer and songwriter Jeff Buckley(1966-1997), who wrote:The “Carol” is a fairytale about a falcon who takes the beloved of the singer to an orchard. The singer goes looking for her and arrives at a chamber where his beloved lies next to a bleeding knight and a tomb with Christ’s body in it.Designer and creative director at Saint Augustine Academy, Alvin Manalo, unveils his underlying motivation behind the collection as being “the three M’s—Medieval Royalty, Monks, and Motorbikes.”

Alvin tastefully displays the ornamental details of royal robes and monastic gowns in Medieval times on the rugged and dusty backdrop of Texan motorcycle culture where “bikers reign supreme.”

So, now, turn off the playlist below, sit back, and listen to the Corpus Christi Carol as Saint Augustine Academy rides you through the timeless corridors of abbeys and palaces where soft dukes and tough bikers mingle in the latest drapings with hoods and leather jackets!

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