Offer All-Day Comfort or Nighttime Luxury

Boxer shorts can be both exciting and super comfortable, especially when Croota designs them! The brand’s new “Traveller” range of boxer shorts offers guys a comfortable alternative to walking around in the nude.

And if one thing’s for certain these days, it’s that guys enjoy being naked. Celebrities making headlines recently range from actor Channing Tatum to British Rugby star George Burgess, reportedly both of whom just love being in the buff. But the next best thing to being fully nude is wearing a pair of Croota’s “Traveller” boxers. That way you can feel like you’re naked, only fashionably so!

Made from 100% polyester, but feeling like silk, “Traveller” boxers come in two color variations, white and navy. The distinctive pattern gives these boxers a colorful flair, and Croota’s traditional low-rise cut offers a longer, slimmer leg that provides definition along with flexibility and comfort. They’re relaxed and light for all day wear or perfect as nighttime sleepwear.

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