“Wolves in the Sea and the Desert in Me”

This spring Australian menswear label Kornerd relaunches with a new offering, complete with accessories and footwear. After a two year hiatus, the collection exudes an easy cool and takes the brand in a new direction, with earthy hues, organic fabrics and a laid-back nonchalance. 

At the core of this offering is a relaxed sophistication, with a wide array of basic pieces dressed with worn finishes and hand washes, and textured fabrics and knitwear adding dimension to a layered “stoner chic” wardrobe.

Designer Marcus Kersch is clearly an individual who wears his heart on his proverbial sleeve, and when asked about his sudden departure from the fashion scene in 2009, said:

“That was a personal decision and one I am thankful I made—I started Kornerd when I was 22 without a lot of capital. When the label took off and with every season much bigger than the last it was always a stretch funding this growth. I worked really hard and I thrived off seeing the rewards, but suddenly, almost overnight it seemed at the time, that all changed—Australia and Asia had started to feel the effects of the GFC and I, along with many others, had dozens of accounts either default on their orders or go into administration. It got to the stage where after I paid back my debts on one season, there was barely any profit.

When you see your hard work in a sense go to waste it can really take a toll—and to be honest I just said to myself, ‘Stuff this!’ You know? I’d had enough, I’d sacrificed so much and worked so hard, I thought I’d be financially secure by that stage and that had all been pulled out from under me. I was 26 and had all over the world friends who had spent years travelling, sharing amazing experiences, and I just thought, ‘that’s it, I’m done with this’. I wound up the business and took off to Germany, where my father is originally from, all in the space of a few weeks.”

Photos & text Copyright Kornerd.

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