Based in Sydney, Australia, Marcus Kersch launched his label Kornerd in 2004. Now, in addition to his line of high quality menswear, Marcus has created a new line of silver jewelry.

Marcus, it is a privilege to know you! Where are you from originally?

Well I grew up and live in Manly, in Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

In a nutshell, how would you describe yourself?

I am a surfer, graphic designer and artist, who dropped out of a degree in Architecture to pursue a career with my label Kornerd.

What made you change direction?

I simply found that, through this, I can better express myself, whether it be graphically through t-shirt prints, through garment or jewellery design, or in photography when creating a look or mood for different collections.

Are there any influences at work in your designs?

My work is influenced by history both ancient and modern, the world of alchemy, science, nature and the way in which these relate to one another

I found your new line of jewelry attractively unique. What inspired you?

The pieces are inspired by “Elements,” the books written by Euclid, the Greek mathematician and so-called Father of Geometry, circa 300BC. The principles he presented remain the basis of mathematics to this day, 23 centuries later. “Axioms in Alchemy” is my first collection of metal (silver) accessories.

Why silver?

I chose to use silver as it is a pure element, and the designs stem from certain “logical proofs” Euclid devised.

Where can the readers find your new line of jewelry?

With selected stockists in Australia, New Zealand and Japan, Kornerd is currently not stocked in the United States.

Thank you, Marcus, and all the best to you!

Photos 2009 a/w collection Copyright Kornerd.

Slide show Axioms in Alchemy Copyright Kornerd.

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