the New Berlin-based Concept Store for Emerging Designers, Opens Its Doors to
the Public

May, 2012 – The new Berlin-based concept store with a
focus on emerging fashion designers officially opens its doors to the public.
Through an innovative and sustainable fashion concept, designers sell and hire
out their creations directly to the public. Konzept86 transforms
seasonal fashion into a sustainable practice by allowing you to discover
designs at a fraction of the price, and then share them with your friends.

on different levels: it makes designs more accessible to the public by enabling
customers to buy or rent items directly from the designers. It also acts as a
designer’s very own sales and presentation space in the heart of Berlin.

a place to present collections and meet press and buyers, supported by the store’s
infrastructures and marketing. It becomes a powerful PR and sales tool,
allowing young fashion labels to grow at a steadily increasing rate. Konzept86
does not take any commission on any items, whether sold or hired.

selection of designers is carefully curated in order to ensure the highest
quality in terms of design, material, and tailoring. The range includes women’s
wear, menswear, accessories and footwear.

located at The Wye, Skalitzerstrasse 86 (Berlin), an international arts
house hosting exhibitions, events, public art programs, educational workshops
and alternative Berlin tours, visited by at least 800 people a month.


the Berlin-based concept store focused on emerging fashion designers. It works
against the consumerist concept of fast fashion we have come to accept,
turning unsustainable seasonal fashion into a socially sound practice.

& text Copyright Konzept86.

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