“Physical Theory” 

For the SS2013 collection Kevin Azzopardi has continued his exploration into fashion systems. Physical Theory is a study in the pathways that exist in this industry – through sales, presentation and design.

This season Kevin Azzopardi has skipped the tradeshows and has instead met with buyers personally in their retail space. Rather than present the collection awkwardly from a suitcase, Azzopardi collaborated with Norwegian furniture designer, Mads H Pålsrud, and produced the Mobile Sales Unit. A skin and bones structure with a wooden infrastructure and a wrapped latex cover. The unit allows for the collection to be hung neatly at all times. Upon entering the boutique Azzopardi unwraps his collection and expands the box into a mini-stand. A moment of pop-up bliss.

For the SS2013 presentation, Azzopardi has dispensed with his usual show format of dressing and undressing models and instead he has combined forces with Icelandic artist Erna Einarsdóttir to present a short fashion film showcasing both the collection and the construction of the sales unit.

The notion of pathways extends to the collection as Kevin Azzopardi has treated the garments as pathways that the body can move through. In his knits he has allowed for individuals to enter and exit the garments in unconventional ways, introducing an interesting drape element to the work. The Spring/Summer collection is sporty and fresh with muted tones of pastel flesh and pale cloud grey in comfortable viscose-cotton jerseys, cotton fleece, and cotton twill.

Physical Theory is a collection of light-weight pieces ideal for the summer months.


Photos & text Copyright Kevin Azzopardi.

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