“Style is the dress of thought.”

- Lord Chestereld
The modern-day suit and tie easily find their roots in the style of dress promoted by George Brummell (1778–1840), a staunch advocate of tailored or fitted clothes, elaborate cravats, and full-length trousers.

For fall/winter 2010, Wayward Heir has decided to pay tribute to George Brummell and his style of dress, which has come to be known as dandyism—that menswear and attitude so typical of the Regency period.

“It has been too long since men in general have taken real pride in their appearance and we want to change that,” says Wayward Heir designer Jaime Winks. “Give men a clean, confident, modern, and luxurious look to be admired.”

The Wayward Heir collection is youthfully edgy, pristine in cut, and immaculate in fit. Suits appear in vivid grey with solid checks and bold stripes—all spiced with a dash of purple, green, and blue hues.

“There is a difference between standing out because of your outfit and you standing out in your outfit,” says Winks. “This is the brand for the confident, self-aware, and charismatic individual who knows who he is and wants the whole room to know it too.”

Photo top right, Copyright Wayward Heir, a line of Rembrandt.
Photo bottom left, George Brummell, Public Domain at Wikipedia.

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