Julian Zigerli’s autumn/winter 2013 collection “Happy Tears” is inspired by the concept of Tears of Joy.

These so called “Happy Tears” shoot through our veins like free flowing dopamine and leave us comfortably cringing.

The prints, cuts and materials from this collection are reminiscent of the feeling of coming home and at the same time letting go. This intimately familiar laugh echoes through our memories.

Prints of power, agitation and liberation. Electrifying layouts contrast the languorous high-­‐quality materials and in turn deliver extreme comfort in winter through their practical functionality.

Tears of joy seize us suddenly and unexpected, whether we want them to or not. This power is reflected in Zigerli’s collection.

The harmonic assortment surprises with About Julian Zigerli Julian Germany to study fashion design at the University of Art Berlin (UDK).

After graduating in 2010 he returned to his roots in Switzerland and founded his own label: ‘Julian Zigerli’.

One of the founding concepts of this label was to focus on constructing garments out of innovative Swiss textiles.

Since his first collection, Julian Zigerli has celebrated great success both nationally and internationally including a nomination for the Swiss Design Prize in 2011 and the winning of the Federal Design Prize Switzerland in 2012.

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