Jonathan Mezibov—sophisticated, modern, sexy, clean, and all about detail!

Born in Livingston, New Jersey, and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Jonathan received his basic training in a liberal arts program at Tufts University of Medford, Massachusetts.

After graduating from New York Law School, he decided to take a swing at the fashion industry, first, as a design assistant at G-III Apparel Company and, then, as assistant menswear designer at Barry Bricken.

Passionate about the industry, Jonathan Mezibov recently stepped up to bat with his own menswear line, uniquely blending the sensibility of US fashion with the fine tailoring of Europe’s best. And he definitely hit a grand slam with his 2009 a/w collection!

Set to the backdrop of the late-Victorian period, Jonathan’s collection draws inspiration from Edith Wharton’s novel, the Age of Innocence, as he envisions the upper-class man of late 19th-century New York on the streets of Manhattan today!When asked about throwing such a fashioable curve in contemporary menswear, Jonathan was kind enough to reply:

“As for the Late-Victorian influence, it really fell in line with how I was feeling when I designed the collection: the fabrics, colors and richness of the era, and the idea that men could display their inner peacock a bit more and a growing sense of fashion and consumerism and still feel – and be perceived – as masculine and individuals of substance.
However, I chose to imagine how Newland Archer would dress today precisely because he wasn’t the dandy of the book (that was another character, Larry Lefferts). I liked the fact that Newland was an individual of style and class, but not overly preoccupied with trends.


And that’s exactly how I’d like my line to be perceived. As good-looking, wearable clothing with a high taste level, that’s not overly trend driven but rather will remain fashionable for seasons to come.”
Forward-looking yet retrospective of the past, Jonathan Mezibov clearly approaches contemporary menswear with a refreshed vision of tastefully refined elegance.

Photo top right Jonathan Mezibov.
Slide show 2009 a/w collection Copyright Jonathan Mezibov.

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