Addictive for its unusual beats and rhythmic surprises, Jazz originated at the dawn of the 20th century in cities from New Orleans to Chicago and was soon popularized through mediums like the phonograph record, the radio, and the advent of sound movies. The music genre hit a crescendo in the Roaring Twenties, spawning numerous subgenres thereafter like big band swing, Dixieland, bebop, and hip hop.

The 1920’s have been syncopated as the Age of Jazz, when a minority’s melodic subculture harmonized with the chords of the majority’s mainstream. Jazz soon danced right out of its own shoes and into social movements, propelling women’s liberation and the entire fashion industry. Imagine swinging to the Charleston in Victorian clothes!

Earlier jazz musicians performed behind the closed doors of dark, smokey brothels, speakeasies, and bars in New Orleans’ red light district, donning sport clothes, high waisted jackets with belts, and straight legged trousers that were cuffed high enough to show the socks! Within this underground scene of sweaty jazz, Midnight Sessions were born, mixing it up with trench coats, baseball jackets, hooded sweaters, blazers, and double breasted vests!

Nostalgic as the blues, yet futuristic as urban rap, Midnight Sessions was inspired by musicians like Sonny Rollins, Jelly Roll, Count Basie, Tommy Flanagan, and Benny Carter for their creative chord progressions, catchy rebellion, and perfect tailored clothing.

OntFront’s claim to fame lies in the tune of sidewalk tailoring, which improvises classic suit craftsmanship with the ad-lib finesse of the streets. So turn off my play list below, sit back, and have a sip of whiskey with designer Liza Koifman as you listen to the syncopation of Midnight Sessions.



Slide show 2009 s/s Midnight Sessions Collection Copyright by OntFront.
Model: Jean-Paul.
Photography: Jochem Sanders.

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