It’s not often that a nation’s capital is situated across several islands and islets, but such is the case with Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.

Once a fishing village named Havn , the “harbor” soon grew into a commercial center and is now reputed the most livable city in the world with the best quality of life, where 1/3 the inhabitants commute on bike!

Copenhagen has seen many great Danes in history like author and poet Hans Christian Anderson, who wrote the Ugly Duckling and the Emperor’s New Clothes.
One of the greatest Danes in the fashion world is undoubtedly emerging designer Christian Westphal. Born in Copenhagen, Christian graduated from the Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne in Paris, launching his high-end menswear brand in 2006.
Inspired by rainy Sundays, Christian Westphal introduces men to tight-fitting furs in his 2009 a/w collection entitled Transcendent Black, which combines images of Shakespearean heroes with the Japanese sword fighters of Kendo.Westphal has also outfitted the Scottish rock group from Glasgow, Franz Ferdinand, as they presently tour the US and Europe for their new album ”Tonight.” Check to see if the group is playing in your city to get a firsthand view of Christian Westphal’s post-bop jazz!


Slide show Copyright by Christian Westphal.
Photo 2009 a/w collection Copyright by Christian Westphal.
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