Pure Joy Fashion is a brand-new brand of menswear that recently appeared on the scene of Russian cities, all due to the powerful unity of three individuals’ one-mindedness: designer Yevgeny Nikitin and business partners Masha Korobkevich and Nastastye Gashkhauz. Three creative minds expressed in three words:

Pure—to be sincere and honest with the world around you.

Joy—to rejoice in life and all its facets.

Fashion—to translate individuality through clothing.

The 2009 spring/summer collection of Pure Joy Fashion draws its inspiration from the religious image of Saint Sebastian, Roman praetorian and early church martyr (c. 288). The youth, strength, beauty, and spirituality of this man are all expressed in this collection, St. Sebastian Day.

Addressed to young energetic men who do not separate career and healthy self-affirmation from spiritual growth and emotional demeanor, Pure Joy Fashion is a new way to find yourself and express yourself in the chaos of the modern metropolis!






Slide show 2009 s/s collection Copyright by Pure Joy Fashion.


Photo top right St. Sebastian by Il Sodoma Copyright Wikipedia public domain.
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