If you like to be unique and you love formalwear, then this next press release is for you!

Domenico Vacca is proud to introduce his ‘Domenico Vacca Limited Edition’ collection for Men. The collection includes men’s jackets and suits and will soon also include a women’s collection of limited numbered items.

Domenico Vacca’s ‘Limited Edition’ collection is entirely sewn …by hand. ‘We wanted to compete with ourselves and to confirm our leadership in the handmade luxury market,’ Domenico Vacca says.

‘While our competitors have cut down substantially in the hand work in their garments, we have increased it. We have positioned ourselves at the very top of the handmade world.’


Domenico Vacca adds, ‘There is no other company that makes a more handmade garment than us.’ Everything in the ‘Domenico Vacca Limited Edition’ collection is hand sewn besides the two lateral seams and the sleeve seams just because of strength purposes. These seams are still folded and top stitched by hand. As for the rest of the garment, it is all hand sewn inside out.

The decision to call the new label ‘Domenico Vacca Limited Edition’ and numbering every garment one by one comes from the notion that every piece is truly a work of art. Many companies have been playing around with the ‘limited edition’ concept while still making hundreds of pieces.

Mr. Vacca has always made limited edition pieces but his ‘Domenico Vacca Limited Edition’ collection goes from 3 garments to a maximum of 18 garments worldwide for each fabric and style.

‘This is the essence of exclusivity,’ says Mr. Vacca. ‘To wear something that only few other people have in the world is a symbol of that exclusivity.’ Every garment is numbered in his ‘Limited Edition’ collection and is a true masterpiece in terms of craftsmanship, fabric, style and rarity.

The ‘Domenico Vacca Limited Edition’ collection is also available in bespoke where every garment is labeled 1/1.

‘It is our goal to keep giving our clients the best product in the market and the best value at a time where our clients are becoming more educated and price conscious,’ says Mr. Vacca. ‘We wanted to keep making the ‘Ferrari of Clothing’ with passion and pride.’”
Photos & text Copyright Domenico Vacca.
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