There were three Parisians going against the tide.
Revolt was their inheritance, freedom was in their hearts, elegance was their

Together they created Commune de Paris 1871. Here is
the story of a confabulation.

Ce n’était pas un concile, c’était un conciliabule. (There was no council; there was confabulation.)

conciliabule : n (from the Latin conciliabulum,
assembly). Confabulation: secret meeting of people suspected of plotting evil

For the 1st time, Commune de Paris 1871 delivers a complete
wardrobe: tweed coats, sheepskin jackets, moleskin trousers, leather bags now
add up to the usual shirts, jumpers and accessories.

Once again a tasteful and carefully prepared
collection by Commune de Paris 1871.
The finest Italian and British materials get together in a very Parisian style.

A strong green might shine among sober colours, and colourful details may give
more light to a garment.

The atmosphere is blunt, virile men get involved in
a confabulation.
They are about to commit a subversive act. Brotherly spirits for a single moto “Courage
et liberté “.

Photos & text Copyright Commune de Paris 1871.

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