I hope you enjoy press releases, because I have been posting quite a few lately. Here is another from a relatively new t-shirt label called GERMAN GARMENT:

Berlin, January 12, 2010. For the first time the really likeable quartette from GERMAN GARMENT introduces its second collection “1:13” at the international trade fair for street and urban wear Bread & Butter in Berlin. The title of the collection is to symbolize the uniqueness of each T-shirt. Every single one of the thirteen pieces has its own personal story that is expressed by different high-quality prints which are made of eco colors.

The shirts of the second collection are no longer as striking, as those of the first collection. They show a new form of abstract illustrations and urban imageries. Blurred drawings and photos as well as graphic compositions define the new look. The ideas to “1:13” originate from the journeys, the underground parties and, at the most, from the get-togethers of the four designers. The blurred designs, for example, represent fast-pacing developments in culture, music, and people of the capital. The Berlin agency groupe dejour has been a big support for the four guys in their design processes.

GERMAN GARMENT is made by Four guys who are definitely not unknown, in many perspectives: Matthias Schweighöfer is one of the most talented and busiest actors in Germany, Joko Winterscheidt is an upcoming TV host, Sebastian Radelmeier is not only touring around the world as DJ Sebrok, but one of Germany’s big underground producers for minimal electro and Kilian Kerner has made himself the new star at prêt-a-porter shows in New York, Paris and Berlin. All four of them are very successful and feel extremely comfortable doing their jobs – so why not share the pleasure of working?! One and a half years ago they launched this mutual design project GERMAN GARMENT for exactly this reason.

The philosophy is clear: GERMAN GARMENT is a young and trendy T-shirt label that counteracts the common trend of producing in the Far East and Eastern Europe by exclusively producing their merchandise (kann man das da sagen?) in Germany. Starting with the design, the production, the print, the embroidery right through to the label and the fabrication of the hangtags–everything is “Made in Germany”. GERMAN GARMENT proves that fashion can again come from Germany without being outrageously expensive. The different articles vary from 39.90 to 69.90 Euro and are therefore cheaper than some of the brands that produce their products under questionable circumstances in the Far East.

And it’s working: Since the joint venture launched in August of 2009 it stands for quality and exclusivity. Experiences gathered from movies, TV, music, and fashion add up to great designs and terrific synergies concerning marketing and production.

Short and sweet: GERMAN GARMENT is quality “Made in Germany” put together by an ambitious plan, loads of fun, creativity and friendship among 4 guys that just love to do what they do.

Photos Copyright GERMAN GARMENT.

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