Traditionally designers, models, fashion boutiques, and showrooms have had to reckon with the “press”; but now there is a new force mushrooming around the world: Fashion Bloggers. Nevertheless, do any fundamental differences exist between the two?

Several weeks ago, I was speaking to one of the designers whom I had previously interviewed. As we conversed, he began commenting on how refreshing he found the world of “menswear blogging,” which, in comparison to the press, struck him as less elitist, more tight knit, and congenial—almost making him feel warm and fuzzy allover.

For weeks I pondered over the appraisal of this up-and-coming designer, words of whom cannot be discarded lightly. Well, here are my thoughts on the matter, and I would love to know yours!

Typically, menswear bloggers are not paid but rather write as a hobby; thus, they replace hype and sensationalism with heartfelt excitement about their topic.

Such a zeal for the topic leads menswear bloggers to bond naturally, oftentimes requesting to “share links” to one another’s sites.

Menswear bloggers rarely shield their work from others but rather hope that others will “snag” and repost it somewhere else—as long as you place a link back to the source!

Menswear bloggers commonly focus a specific theme, which impassions them, such as hairstyles, grooming, or simple photos of the latest collection.

Consequently, menswear bloggers attract a certain type of reader according to their theme, communicating more effectively with their niche audience.

Menswear bloggers encourage interaction with their audience, not only welcoming but also weighing the comments of every reader.

While positive and upbeat, menswear bloggers try to stay neutral, attempting to portray their subject as objectively as possible, so that each reader may judge without bias.

Whether or not menswear bloggers ever obtain equal recognition with the press, we will continue blogging, because we are passionate about what we write—menswear.

I thank each and everyone of you for reading! Continue to send in your thoughts and requests

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