Another brand at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo was Factotum, founded in 2004 by Koji Udo.

Steeped with profound feelings for denim, Factotum draws inspiration from the landscapes and peoples of foreign countries and regions around the world.

The word “Factotum” derives from the Latin words fac andtotum, meaning ‘do everything’ and, hence, stands for a general servant who has diverse responsibilities and activities.

In 1975, Charles Bukowski wrote a novel entitled “Factotum,” in which he described the lives of poor and delinquent alcoholics of his century in Los Angeles. Not only did this novel influence many artists and writers but also Koji Udo, who choose to share the name.

The label’s meaning is befitting, since Factotum brings everything to life in a flurry of mixed looks and militaristic silhouettes.

Photos Copyright & Courtesy Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo.

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